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Providing stepping stones to create success through education for children and families who have limited opportunities.

Monthly Archives: May 2014

2014 Bill and Billie’s Kids Go To College

A Stepping Stone Foundation will celebrate 25 years of providing high quality preschool with family literacy this coming August.  As the years went by, we realized, not only do our children need a great start in life, they need access … Continue Reading

2014 Cena y Serenata

On March 15th, a very happy and sweet group of supporters gathered to help raise funds for A Stepping Stone Foundation preschoolers and their families by having a wonderful fiesta featuring local musical talent and gourmet food produced by local … Continue Reading

Secret Millionaire Update

I received a wonderful email from a woman in South Africa who runs a preschool near Johannesburg.  She had seen our Mr. Jay episode and felt very inspired to continue her work.  South Africa! It is indeed a small world.

Celebrate A Stepping Stone Parents

Last night, it was my great pleasure to join our parents, board and children at the 2014 Parent Celebration.  The parents of our Stepping Stone children were honored for their school-year long participation in adult education, parenting classes, time with … Continue Reading