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Monthly Archives: June 2013

True Stories: Martha Part V

“That’s Me. That’s My Story”   I ask Martha if she knows that many heroes are quiet heroes? I tell her she is a hero for being a better parent than her own.  I ask her if A Stepping Stone has helped with that? … Continue Reading

True Stories: Martha Part IV

That’s Me, That’s My Story.”   Martha’s boyfriend was physically and emotionally abusive.  For the first time in the interview, tears well up in her eyes and she dabs them quietly with a tissue. She did attempt to go back … Continue Reading

True Stories: Martha Part III

“That’s Me, That’s My Story.”   While her father did rescue her from her mother’s abuse, he was very consumed by work and was not a warm or caring person toward her or her sister.  Martha speaks of his frequent … Continue Reading

True Stories: Martha Part II

“That’s Me, That’s My Story.”   Martha talks very quietly about leaving Veracruz for Nogales and staying there on the Mexico side for about three months until her father could arrange for her and her sister to cross.  When they … Continue Reading

True Stories: Martha Part 1

To the left:  “That’s Me. That’s My Story”   Every-other year or so, A Stepping Stone Foundation teachers show a video. It’s a story about journeying to the United States as an immigrant and seeking a better life.  At the … Continue Reading

They Talk About It-Again #3

Check this paper out delivered by East Coast Economist, James J. Heckman from the Department of Economics at The University of Chicago.  Although we know the current hype centers around President Obama’s  focus – it does not lessen the importance … Continue Reading

All Our True Stories

One of the Stepping Stone Blog Categories is “True Stories”.  If you click on the link here, you will be directed to a list of ALL our blog-published True Stories over the past two years. Enjoy!!

They Talk About it-Again#2

Of course early childhood development is in the new…whether you wish to fund publically or privately or all of the above, high quality programs are a great investment for any community.  See: Why Early Childhood?